The history of microsoft word

It introduced AutoCorrect, which automatically fixed certain typing errors, and AutoFormat, which could reformat many parts of a document at once.

The evolution of office automation is tied to the evolution of Microsoft Office as the latter remained and stays ahead in offering the latest features that enhance and support the functions required by the ever-changing needs of business houses worldwide.

It also included a new view focused on publishing layout, integrated bibliography management, [38] and native support for the new Office Open XML format. Document compatibility reached parity with Word 97, [26] and it included features from Word 97 for Windows, including spell and grammar checking with squiggles.

Word — users on Windows systems can install a free add-on called the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack" to be able to open, edit, and save the new Word files.

History of Microsoft Word

The first Word version, Word 1. Introduction Of Office Assistant. However, this wound up being the last version of Word for DOS. PowerPoint version was same — 3. It was the first version of Word based on a common code base between the Windows and Mac versions; many accused it of being slow, clumsy and memory intensive.

Office XP With XP, Microsoft provided almost all features to users working under restricted mode on corporate networks. The evolution of office automation is tied to the evolution of Microsoft Office as the latter remained and stays ahead in offering the latest features that enhance and support the functions required by the ever-changing needs of business houses worldwide.

Year — Office 7. The primary input devices for pre Windows Microsoft Word were keyboards. Now trashing program disk. The failure of WordPerfect to produce a Windows version proved a fatal mistake.

It is the modern newest version of the word processing application. It also has contextual tabs, which are functionality specific only to the object with focus, and many other features like Live Preview which enables you to view the document without making any permanent changesMini Toolbar, Super-tooltips, Quick Access toolbar, SmartArt, etc.

It could run in text mode or graphics mode but the visual difference between the two was minor. Word 95 Word 95 was released as part of Office 95 and was numbered 7. I will later talk about the other software in a separate picture roll.

Word 95 for Windows, synchronizing its name with Windows 95, and Word 98 for Macintoshonce again breaking the synchronization. Microsoft released patches through the years to eliminate most known macro vulnerabilities from this version. This was the first copy of Word featuring the Office Assistant"Clippit", which was an animated helper used in all Office programs.

Since then, it has come a long way and has taken over standalone Office versions in colleges and businesses. There may have also been thought given to matching the current version 6. Starting with Word 95, releases of Word were named after the year of its release, instead of its version number.

The major overhaul was MS Word which now had a very rich interface focusing on formatting. Many users say it is the best version of Word for Mac OS ever created. With the release of Word 6.

More recent versions of Word for Macintosh are no longer ported versions of Word for Windows. Microsoft Write was released for the Atari ST in Unfortunately, Word on the Mac in this and later releases also became vulnerable to future macro viruses that could compromise Word and Excel documents, leading to the only situation where viruses could be cross-platform.

History & Evolution Of Microsoft Office Software

Three product lines co-existed: In graphics mode, the document and interface were rendered in a fixed font size monospace character grid with italic, bold and underline features that was not available in text mode. It was then released in the same period as well.

Microsoft Word

Only the Shadow knows. Microsoft Write was released for the Atari ST in In the source code for MS-Word for Windows in the version a was made available to the Computer History Museum and the public for educational purposes. MS-WORD TO The first version of MS-Word for Windows was released in at a price of US$, but was not very popular as.

This month, Microsoft is celebrating the 2 anniversary of the debut of its immensely popular office productivity suite, Microsoft Office. The core programs that made up the first version of Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) existed as separate applications as far back as the early s.

Without really understanding what you are looking for from that rather open-ended question, I have to say that the Wikipedia article on Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word) covers its history in remarkable and exceptionally accurate detail. When it comes to office automation, the first thing that comes to mind is Microsoft cannot imagine a Windows-based computer without a local copy of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

History & Evolution Of Microsoft Office Software

Microsoft Word, first released in as "Multi-Tool Word," is a word processor available as a standalone product and as a component in the Microsoft Office suite. The first version of Microsoft Word was based on the framework of Bravo, the world's first word processor with a graphical user interface.

Following the Macintosh port, Microsoft released a version of Word for its Windows operating system inwhich brought in improved sales figures.

Microsoft Word was the first word processor to introduce the concept of "What You See Is What You Get," or WYSIWYG, allowing for bold and italics text to be created and displayed.

History of Microsoft Word The history of microsoft word
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